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Bedford + Bowery At The New Museum, The Keeper is a Haven for Historians, Hoarders, and Humanity

Hannelore Baron’s found object wooden box assemblages look like they’ve experienced wear and tear because her family and their shop experienced the trauma of Kristallnacht, and Baron considered worn or splintered items items that have survived and prevailed.

The Daily Beast How To Make Hoarding Into Brilliant Art

Hannelore Baron’s sculptural hodgepodges—assembled from wood scraps, personal belongings, and other refuse—reflect the losses she experienced as a child during Hitler’s regime: before her family escaped Germany, their textile shop was destroyed and their home ransacked during Kristallnacht.

ARTFORUM "The Keeper"

"Hannelore Baron's delicate, scorched-looking Wunderkammern feel as though they were salvaged from hell..."

The New York Times

Object Lessons: The New Museum Explore Why We Keep Things 


Curators at the New Museum have created an exhibit with over 4,000 objects that examines the carious wats we collect and own items.

By: William L. Hamilton